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We are driven by the challenge of understanding companies and identifying their potential.

Focusing on mid-sized technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) companies globally, we constantly scan the world through an independent process driven by rigorous fact-based research. Constructing our portfolios bottom-up and balancing longs against shorts we target a consistently low net market exposure. We have built a distinct reputation for investing in unique and uncrowded positions and delivering high alpha dominant returns through different market environments.

We manage capital on behalf of sophisticated institutions around the world, from leading sovereign wealth funds and pension funds to pre-eminent endowments and charitable foundations supporting causes including education, the arts and culture, and healthcare.

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Sy  le  bra

 Se Lembra (Portuguese) [v]:

 to remember

Celebra (Portuguese) [v]:

to celebrate

Libra (Latin) [n]: 

a balance

We examine our past achievements and failures with the aim of perpetually improving our processes and culture.  

We enjoy what we do and nurture our passion for the process of investing. We seek to make our vocation our avocation.

We seek to be balanced in our approach to managing portfolio risks and exposures, as well as our decisions as individuals. 



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We are curious thinkers, challenging perspectives and questioning assumptions in the pursuit of truth and understanding. We are passionate technologists and investors, energized by uncovering exceptional ideas for our investors and by continuous personal growth. We are determined, possessing the drive, discipline and grit to delve deeper and go to lengths that others aren’t prepared to go. We are a diverse group of individuals, drawing on our unique set of backgrounds and experiences to generate innovative and insightful viewpoints.


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Admiralty, Hong Kong

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